Our vision and mission

Studying, a spiritual journey

Islam is a religion that encourages people to think and contemplate. With this ability to think, we are able to recognize the Signs of Allah ‘azza wa jal in the creation and therefore learn more about the Creator in return. In that sense, studying is a time in which we give a closer look to the creation and its natural systems. Therefore studying is not only an academic experience, it is also a way towards a deeper, spiritual conscience and development. We stand on the principle that Islam and science do not contradict; they are a holistic entity in which both areas explain the reality around us. They are a means to get to know our Creator, so that we can turn this knowledge into a conscious worship for Him.

Cultivating of awareness

As ISA, we try to add a new dimension in the life of students. New in our context, where religion and science are separated, but more of a revival from an islamic perspective, as we remember our heros in the golden age of Islam. Through their religion and Islamic identity we try to inspire students, as we already have the formula for development between our hands as history teaches us. Studying becomes more than just studying; it becomes an act of worship. A way of getting closer to Allah and a way of seeking His Pleasure.

Our responsibility

After awareness comes responsibility. When you are aware of the fact that the knowledge you obtain during your studies is not only for personal benefit, but also a means to contribute within society. We will be held accountable for this knowledge that we are gifted with and how we use it in this life. We strive to raise awareness among students about this side of Islam, so that the motivation of studying is not just limited to a good job, a good salary and obtaining status. We want (muslim) students to excell at their domain. This can only be achieved by stimulating them to set high goals for themselves, and to be the best version of themselves. With the conviction that Allah will reward them in this life as well as the hereafter. By doing this we do not only follow the footsteps of our exemplary predecessors, but also give our Islamic identity the form it really deserves.

We ask Allah to keep our intentions sincere and pure for Him and to assist us in building this new infrastructure for future generations of Muslim students in higher education, amin.

Groundwork and objectives


First of all, the groundwork of the Islamic Student Association Amsterdam (ISA) is built on the six pillars of Iman:

  • Bearing witness that there is no God worthy of worship except Allah, and that Muhammad is the servant and Messenger of God, the first pillar of Islam;
  • Islam is further founded on four pillars of deeds: prayer, alms-giving, fasting and pilgrimage;
  • The belief in Allah as Only God, to Him belongs the Pure Names and Elevated Qualities, without comparing and/or denying and/or misinterpreting and/or interfering, the first pillar of Iman;
  • Iman rests on the remaining five pillars of faith: the Angels, the Books, the Messengers, the Last Day and Qadar (the good and evil of it);
  • The Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet – peace be upon him – are the sources and inspiration for us in our goals, pursuits and activities. They are a Divine revelation, trustworthy and authoritative.
  • The invitation to Islam is based on the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet – peace be upon him – and this invitation is at the heart of our existence; to both Muslims and non-Muslims;
  • Muhammad is the servant and Messenger of Allah, a human being of flesh and blood; he is not created from light, nor is he omnipresent on this earth. We do not elevate him – peace be upon him -, nor do we elevate any other human being in any way, shape or form; whether by birth celebrations, or other festive or non-festive activities that are not approved by the Qur’an and the Sunnah;
  • Muhammad’s Companions are the best people that were brought forth after the Messenger – peace be upon him. We honor them all and wish Allah’s Contentment upon them; and so upon all other Muslims that hold on to the Sunnah and the community;
  • Calls, in speech or act, to aggression and violence, revolutions and political movements, do not belong to our association’s objectives, whether is in the Netherlands or abroad.
  • The Muslims are one community and we do not declare a Muslim to be a disbeliever or innovator. We also do not exclude any Muslim or non-Muslim who is open to the invitation to Islam.


The Islamic Student Association Amsterdam (ISA) has the following goals:

  • To improve the participation and commitment of (Muslim) students of higher education institutions in Amsterdam;
  • To promote the development and well-being of the (Muslim) students at higher education institutions in Amsterdam.

ISA further aims to help Muslim studentens deepen, broaden and carry the Islamic faith at higher education institutions in Amsterdam and to stimulate contact between (Muslim) students and to express our connection with them.

ISA seeks to achieve this goal, among other things, by:

  • Organizing activities such as courses, lectures, trainings, conferences, open nights and/or joint activities to improve the participation of (Muslim) students in higher education institutions in Amsterdam;
  • Providing socio-economic and social-cultural activities to (Muslim) students at higher education institutions in Amsterdam;
  • Transferring knowledge of (Muslim) students to higher education institutions in Amsterdam focused on empowerment, awareness and future prospects for new generations.

What do we do?

Our events

Throughout the year we offer a range of events for the students. Most of the events are open for everyone to participate in, some are exclusively for members of ISA. We try to organize events with different prominent speakers on several topics that meet the needs of Muslim students and we try to keep up with the actualities.

Next to large and open events, we offer Islamic and academic workshops and courses for learning new skills or topics. Our recurring Arabic course in which you learn how to read the Qur’an being one of our well-known courses. Since we are a student association, social events are also a must! Think about sport events, ladies eves, documentary nights and study trips.


Below are a few FAQ often asked by exchange students:

Q: Do you provide housing?
A: No, unfortunately we don’t, but you can post your request in our active Facebook group: Moslimstudenten NL/BE.

Q: Do you have acitivities in English?
A: We have offered English spoken events before and we strive to do this more often. Nevertheless, most of our events are in Dutch. If the flyer is in English, the event will be in English. If you’re not sure, please send us a message on Facebook.

Q: Can I be an active member of ISA while being an English speaking or exchange student?
A: We are open to members wanting to actively contribute to ISA. Please contact us via our contactpage and let us know how you want to contribute and we will explore the possibilities together.